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Cross-border personal injury claim challenges for TBI victims

When British Columbia residents travel across the border into Washington, the last thing on their minds would likely be the possibility of being involved in an automobile accident. However, crashes occur when they are least expected. When there are catastrophic injuries such as traumatic brain injuries, dealing with insurance and legalities of cross-border personal injury on both sides of the border could be challenging.

Traumatic brain injuries affect people in different ways. One problem relates to their communication abilities, through speaking, written language, body language and gestures. The problems that could develop can vary, and if the areas of the brain that control the muscles used for speech are damaged, it will cause dysarthria. This condition causes slow, slurred speech, which makes it difficult for others to understand.

It could also cause apraxia — a condition that makes it difficult for the victim to pronounce words correctly, or aphasia, which can cause problems for the person to express ideas or to understand what is said. Many TBI victims find it more challenging to write and read than to speak and understand. Other problems include the social aspects like taking turns in conversation, reading social cues, generating ideas and recognizing and interpreting facial expressions.

Having to pursue financial relief while suffering the consequences of traumatic brain injuries could be a daunting task. Fortunately, help is available from an experienced cross-border personal injury lawyer in British Columbia. A law firm that is registered to deal with the legal and insurance procedures in both Vancouver and Seattle will indeed be a valuable asset.