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Cross-border personal injury claim: Recovery for whiplash damage

Whiplash injuries can have a profound impact on the life of a victim. Unlike bone fractures that can be identified on x-rays immediately after an accident, the complicated nature of neck injuries can cause delayed symptoms. If the victim is a U.S. citizen injured while visiting British Columbia, justifying such claims in pursuit of financial recovery can be challenging. This can become eve more complicated if it is a cross-border personal injury claim of someone who has already returned home.

Whiplash injuries are caused by the rapid head movement upon impact in an accident. The force of the extreme backward and forward — or sideways — movements of the head cause damage to supporting ligaments and muscles in the upper back and neck. Other connective tissues and the nervous system can also be damaged, but symptoms may be delayed for two weeks or longer. Sometimes, serious complications develop before the injuries are recognized, by which time, the damage could be permanent.

The biggest mistake that an auto accident victim can make is to waive a medical evaluation because there is no evidence of blood or broken bones. If delayed injuries do become evident later, the absence of medical reports from immediately after the incident could harm the chances for a plaintiff to recover damages from an insurance provider or through the civil justice system. If the victim is not a local resident, a medical examination is even more crucial.

Visitors from Seattle or other U.S. cities who suffered whiplash injuries in British Columbia might find the challenge of pursuing damage recovery after a significant lapse of time daunting. Not only will they have to deal with the laws and statutes of limitations of both countries, but they will also have to deal with the two insurance systems. This is where the services of experienced cross-border personal injury lawyers come in. Legal counsel who focuses on these types of claims can provide the necessary support and guidance throughout the process to obtain recovery of economic and noneconomic damages.

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