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Cross-border personal injury claims can be challenging

Visitors to British Columbia at this time of the year may want to heed the warnings of the Vancouver Police Department who recently initiated a pedestrian safety campaign. According to statistics, the chances of being involved in an auto-pedestrian accident between the months of October and January are high, and navigating a cross-border personal injury claim can be challenging. Records indicate that almost half of all pedestrian accidents in Vancouver occur during these months.

Law enforcement will focus on intersections in the Lower Mainland because more than 80 per cent of these accidents happen at intersections. Furthermore, one in five of all car accident fatalities in British Columbia are pedestrians. Although authorities say the primary contributing factors include distracted drivers who fail to yield to pedestrians and adverse weather conditions, pedestrians can protect themselves by being more vigilant.

If a driver in Vancouver strikes a U.S. tourist in a crosswalk in Vancouver, the victim will be entitled to seek compensation. However, dealing with the laws and insurance companies of two different countries can be challenging. Furthermore, all this might happen while the victim is in a strange hospital.

This is where the services of a cross-border personal injury law firm can be invaluable. Instead of having to hire a lawyer on each side of the border, one who is registered to practice in both British Columbia and the United States can navigate the proceedings on both sides of the border. This may result in the recovery of not only medical expenses, lost income and other financial losses but also the emotional damages sustained.

Source: CBC News British Columbia, “Jaywalkers, curb jumpers be warned: police are watching“, Nov. 21, 2017