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Cross-border personal injury claims might follow Amtrak crash

On a recent Monday, an Amtrak train made its inaugural run of a new faster service that is scheduled to run between Vancouver, British Columbia and Eugene, Oregon. Unfortunately, the train left the tracks as it went around a bend. It was not immediately clear whether any Vancouver residents were among the deceased or the more than 100 people who suffered injuries. If there were, the victims might seek assistance with the navigation of cross-border personal injury claims.

Reportedly, at least three individuals lost their lives. This incident happened as the train crossed an overpass soon after it left Seattle. As the train left the tracks, it caused 13 rail cars to derail, some of them falling from the overpass onto vehicles that were travelling on the highway below. There were 84 people on the train, seven of which were crew members. It was reported that some of the victims were occupants of two cars that were crushed by the rail cars.

A neurosurgeon who happened to drive by stopped and offered his help. He reported that the most critically wounded victims had already been transported to hospitals, but the victims he saw had skull and open head wounds, leg or pelvic fractures, neck sprains and various small lacerations. He mentioned that he saw an infant who appeared to have miraculously escaped unscathed.

If any of the injured victims are residents of British Columbia, they may feel intimidated by the complexity of cross-border personal injury lawsuits. However, it is not a process that anybody has to navigate alone. The help of a Vancouver lawyer who is also registered in Seattle, Washington is available. The lawyer can explain the person’s rights and also assist with the ensuing legal proceeding in pursuit of recovery of financial and emotional damages.

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