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Cross-border personal injury claims need skilled guidance

Sometimes, victims of vehicle accidents do not realise they suffered brain injuries because the symptoms and signs of such injuries may be delayed. Brain scans sometimes miss injuries, and by the time they are diagnosed, damage may be life-changing. Victims may be unable to go back to work, and even their daily routines may become challenging. If the accident that caused the injuries occurred across the border, matters might be complicated without the support and guidance of cross-border personal injury lawyers to provide guidance and support.

The lawyers at Border Solutions Law Group are available for victims in British Columbia and Washington. They are registered to practice law on both sides of the border — making it unnecessary for any injured victims to hire two lawyers. This means that your insurance claims and civil lawsuits for the recovery of personal injury damages can be handled by the same professionals under one roof.

The team of lawyers at the offices of the Border Solutions Law Group have a network of medical and other professionals in Seattle, Vancouver and other cities. Along with expert treatment, these professionals may also serve as expert witnesses or provide evidence to support a legal claim. These may include diagnosis and required treatment, the impact of the injuries on your earning capabilities, future costs for anticipated treatment, and more.

If you have suffered brain injuries or any other injury in the United States that resulted from another party’s negligence, you may find it helpful to have a cross-border personal injury lawyer from the Border Solutions Law Group in your corner. They offer initial consultations to discuss your case at no charge. Furthermore, they will navigate the insurance and civil claims on your behalf in British Columbia and Washington and only charge a fee if they recover damages for you.