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Cross-border personal injury could happen without warning

Travelling between British Columbia and destinations south of the border is restricted right now, and this might continue for a while longer. Travelling from Vancouver to any destination runs the risk of ending in an accident. When this happens in Seattle or another place south of the border, recovering damages for cross-border personal injury could prove to be challenging.

A recent accident claimed the life of a woman when an SUV from the local county sheriff’s office rear-ended the vehicle in which she was a passenger. The report does not include information about the victim’s place of residence. However, if she was from Vancouver, her surviving family members will have the daunting task of dealing with insurance and laws of both jurisdictions on opposite sides of the border.

Investigators suspect the driver of the police SUV experienced a medical emergency. Reportedly, the impact of the crash was severe enough to propel the car into a utility pole, two unoccupied vehicles and a commercial building. The passenger in the car suffered fatal injuries. The deputy who was driving the SUV was extricated from the vehicle and rushed to a hospital for treatment of serious injuries.

Suppose the woman who lost her life was a visitor from British Columbia. Her surviving family members would likely have grounds to pursue financial relief, but this could be a daunting prospect. In those circumstances, they could retain the services of a British Columbia lawyer who has expensive experience in dealing with legal and insurance claims after a cross border personal injury or death. Legal counsel can assist the family to navigate the ensuing legal proceedings to recover end-of-life expenses, lost income and other financial and nonfinancial damages.