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Cross-border personal injury: Cyclist killed by utility truck

British Columbia residents who travel to destinations south of the border might not consider their safety on their travels. The ramifications of cross-border personal injury can be significant, especially if it involves the negligence of another party. In a recent case, a British Columbia cyclist was killed while he was cycling in the United States.

Reportedly, the 74-year-old man was riding in the lane dedicated for cyclists at around 10 a.m. on a recent Monday. For reasons not yet clear, a driver of a utility truck veered into the bicycle lane and struck the cyclist. The truck driver remained at the accident scene following the accident.

According to a report by the sheriff’s deputies, they arrived at the scene to find a severely damaged truck and a deceased cyclist. They say the cyclist was lying several feet away from his bicycle. The utility truck was parked along the way. Although an accident investigation is ongoing, investigators say initial indications exclude alcohol or drugs from possible causes for the crash.

The costs of bringing the deceased loved one’s remains back to British Columbia, along with expenses related to end-of-life arrangements can be extremely challenging for surviving family members. The easiest way to navigate ensuing legalities might be to secure the services of an experienced cross-border personal injury lawyer who is registered to practice on both sides of the border. A legal representative can deal with the insurance companies in both countries, and if the surviving family decides to pursue recovery of damages through the civil justice system, the lawyer can provide the necessary guidance.

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