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Cross-border personal injury: Herniated disc cause long-term pain

Car accidents can cause various types of injuries, including herniated discs. Any damage to the spine can cause long-term health problems. When it occurs during a trip between Vancouver and Seattle, legal and insurance issues could be complicated. Cross-border personal injury incidents often involve the laws of both countries, and dealing with claims could be daunting.

Herniated discs refer to a type of low back injury that results from the nucleus of a spinal disc bulging out from its position between the bones of the spine. Some refer to them as slipped discs, which is not accurate as herniation does not involve the entire disc but only a small part of it. While many people develop low back problems over time due to lifestyles or work-related injuries, severe cases can result from car accidents. Already weakened discs can herniate during the impact of a crash.

Herniated discs typically cause radiating pain across the hips and buttocks, and even down the legs into the ankles and feet. More severe cases can cause bladder, bowel and sexual dysfunction. Different forms of therapy can be used to resolve herniated discs, but more aggressive actions might be necessary. When the herniation causes significant pressure on the nerves or spinal cord, surgical intervention might be warranted.

The financial consequences could be severe, especially if surgery is required after months of failed therapy. Pursuing recovery of financial losses might seem daunting, but help is available. A lawyer who has experience in dealing with cross-border personal injury claims can deal with the insurance and civil justice proceedings in both Vancouver and Seattle.