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Cross-border personal injury: Most common contributors

Residents of British Columbia might be surprised to learn that a leading cause of accidental death and injuries in the province is auto accidents. However, this is likely a statistic that is not only true in British Columbia but also south of the border. The difference is that cross-border personal injury claims are significantly more complicated than those that follow accidents in Vancouver or elsewhere in the province.

Motor vehicle occupants are not the only ones affected by crash injuries. Motorcyclists, pedestrians and cyclists also form a part of the accident statistics. Road safety research shows that the most frequently cited causes of auto accidents in British Columbia include speeding, distractions and impairment. Reportedly, an average of 10 people are admitted to hospitals with acute injuries that result in one fatality per day.

The facts related to car accidents show that excessive speed was a factor in the majority of lives lost in the 16-to-25-year age group. Furthermore, distractions such as cell phones are cited in many fatal crashes in which drivers are over 66 years old. Those between the ages of 26 and 45 are the drivers who mostly lose their lives in impaired driving accidents. Impairment includes driving under the influence of alcohol, medications and drugs.

Many British Columbia motorists travel to Washington state for a variety of reasons. The same dangers are present on both sides of the border, and victims who pursue damage recovery typically seek the skills of a lawyer with the necessary experience. A law firm that focuses on cross-border personal injury cases could increase the client’s chances of recovering monetary damages such as medical expenses and lost income as well as pain and suffering.