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Cross-border personal injury often involves motorcycles

Authorities in British Columbia recently expressed their concern over the number of lives that are lost every year in motorcycle accidents that involve automobiles. In some cases, these crashes involve people from south of the border, leading to complicated cross-border personal injury lawsuits. In 2016, 2,600 motorcycle accidents occurred in the province, leaving many people dead and 1,600 injured.

ICBC reminds all that safe driving practices by both motorists and bikers can save lives. Automobile drivers must keep safe following distances and enough space when passing motorcycles, and bikers must do the same when they pass cars. Intersections must be scanned by all to avoid collisions, with particular care taken when cars or motorcycles want to turn left. Drivers of vehicles may find it difficult to gauge the speed of approaching motorcycles, so it would be safer to wait for it to pass before turning.

Reportedly, the primary causes for cars striking motorcycles are inattention and distraction, followed by improper turning and failing to yield. ICBC urges all to be vigilant and yield the right-of-way rather than causing an accident. Motorcyclists can protect themselves by wearing bright coloured clothing, avoiding the blind spots of motorists and signalling lane changes appropriately.

Visitors to British Columbia who are involved in road accidents may be overwhelmed by the complications. These may include dealing with insurance companies on both sides of the border while having to cope with injuries and medical bills from doctors and hospitals. They may find comfort in learning that the services lawyers who handle only cross-border personal injury cases are available to navigate the insurance and legal claims.

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