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Cross-border personal injury risks higher in winter months

British Columbia residents in Vancouver are not used to extreme weather conditions. Snowfalls occur only on an average of 10 days per year and seldom more than 1 cm deep. In contrast, Vancouver is the foggiest, wettest city in Canada. Although it rains throughout the year, during the winter, it could rain incessantly. Driving and maintaining control of a vehicle could be challenging, and drivers who venture south of the border risk cross-border personal injury.

Because snowfalls are scarce, drivers may be unprepared, but rainy conditions could also be challenging and force drivers to adjust their driving to accommodate prevailing conditions. Staying off the roads during snowy, rainy days and taking only essential trips could be the best defence. When venturing out in inclement weather is unavoidable, it is crucial to be alert and focused.

Rain and snow on their own pose dangers, and when they occur together, the risks are exacerbated. Maintaining safe following distances and lowering driving speed might reduce crash risks. Avoiding mobile phones and other distractions while driving in treacherous conditions is crucial.

Unfortunately, accidents happen, often in the blink of an eye, and even the most careful drivers could fall victim to another driver’s negligence. Medical bills and lost income can ruin anyone’s financial stability, which could be even worse if such an accident happens south of the border. Some choose to retain the services of a lawyer who is registered in both British Columbia and Washington state to navigate the legal proceedings pursuing financial relief for cross-border personal injury.