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Cross-border personal injury: Spinal injuries can be devastating

Automobile accidents can happen to anyone at just about any time and place. The accident location can lead to many challenges when British Columbia residents are involved in crashes while they are travelling south of the border. Any injuries suffered in such an accident might lead to cross-border personal injury claims, and dealing with the legal and insurance aspects of two different countries could be a complicated process.

In cases in which the accident injuries have potentially long-term health consequences, it will require special skills of an experienced lawyer to obtain monetary compensation for past and future losses. An example is a spinal cord injury, which is one of the most severe car accident injuries to suffer. The damage could be minimal with only bruising or pressure, but it could be severe with damage that severed the spinal cord and caused permanent damage to nerves.

The latter could cause partial or total paralysis and the loss of reflexes and feeling, which might be permanent. Doctors say a victim of a spinal cord injury is also at risk of infections, pneumonia, blood clots, bleeding and leaking spinal fluid. If permanent paralysis is the outcome, the victim’s home will likely need modifications to accommodate a wheelchair and other aspects related to the disability.

All the consequences of such an accident could be overwhelming. The support and guidance of a British Columbia lawyer who has extensive experience in dealing with cross-border personal injury cases can be a significant asset. A lawyer can deal with the insurance and legal aspects in pursuit of maximum recovery of past and future monetary and emotional damages.