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Cross-border personal injury: TBI can be devastating

Many have studied the ways in which traumatic brain injuries affect victims. British Columbia motorists who were victims of crashes that were caused by TBI victims will know the adverse impact it had on their lives, especially in cases of cross-border personal injury accidents. Travelling across the border to Seattle is part of the lives of many Vancouver residents, and accidents can happen at any time.

Studies show that a significant number of people who are involved in accidents or commit traffic violations have a history that includes traumatic brain injuries. Furthermore, researchers say that analysis of road test results indicates that almost one in three TBI victims fail road tests. The problem is that drivers who continue driving after suffering such injuries might cause accidents that result in death or injuries to other motorists or pedestrians.

Some of the risks posed by drivers who had suffered TBI¬†include the possibility of suffering epilepsy incidents while driving. TBI can affect a driver’s functional abilities due to a loss of movement or excessive pain. Other ways in which TBI can affect drivers include visual problems like visual field deficits or double vision. Brain injuries can also affect a victim’s hearing.

Suffering serious injuries in auto accidents while travelling south of the border can have significant consequences for Vancouver residents. All the issues can be dealt with efficiently by a cross-border personal injury lawyer who has experience in dealing with the laws and insurance procedures in both countries. With the support and guidance of legal counsel, the injured victim’s chances of recovering economic and noneconomic damages can be improved.