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Cross-border personal injury: Typical causes of road accidents

For many Vancouver residents, trips to Seattle are not at all unusual and are frequently undertaken. However, unanticipated auto accidents can change any journey into a nightmare when a cross-border personal injury comes into play. Safety authorities at the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia say that, although nobody will ever be entirely protected while traveling in automobiles, understanding why accidents happen might help drivers to avoid mistakes and make informed decisions.

ICBC says impaired driving is one of the primary causes of road accidents. Authorities urge drivers to resist having a drink before taking to the roads. They recommend that drivers plan for safe and sober rides while they also share the road safely by avoiding high-risk driving. Failing to yield and not keeping safe following distances are common high-risk driving behaviors that lead to many crashes.

Distracted driving is another significant cause of fatalities and serious injuries, and although distractions by mobile devices are prevalent, eating, drinking beverages and other activities can also take a driver’s attention away from the road. The fourth type of hazardous driving is speeding, which is regarded as the primary cause for road accident fatalities in the province. Slowing down and taking care while passing can keep drivers and their passengers safe.

However, the safest drivers are frequently subjected to recklessness and negligence of other vehicle operators. The prospect of dealing with the laws and insurance of two different countries might be overwhelming when Vancouver residents suffer injuries while on a trip south of the border. This is where the skills of an experienced cross-border personal injury lawyer can be invaluable in pursuit of financial relief to cover financial and emotional damages.