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Cross-border personal injury: Vancouver bus crash kills 2

Two students of a University in Canada lost their lives in a recent bus accident on Vancouver Island. One of them, an 18-year-old student, was a young man from the United States who enrolled at the university after graduating from high school this year. Losing a loved one in a crash is understandably traumatic, but when it involves cross-border personal injury or death, the entire matter becomes more complicated.

Reportedly, the two students were on a charter bus along with 43 other students and a pair of teaching assistants. The bus was travelling on a gravel road, heading to a Marine Science Centre on an annual field trip. Over a dozen other students suffered injuries, but only one of them was hospitalized. The severity of that student’s injuries was not reported.

The circumstances that led to the bus accident are unknown, and an investigation is underway. According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the driver of a second vehicle that was involved in the crash remained at the scene. A couple who drove by says they tried to call emergency services, but they had to drive for approximately 25 minutes before they had cell phone reception. This led to a significant delay in response.

The Iowa student’s surviving family members will now have to deal with the insurance and legal systems of both countries. This could be exceptionally challenging, especially at such a difficult time. They might find comfort in knowing that the services of a Vancouver lawyer who has experience in dealing with cross-border personal injury and wrongful death cases are available. A lawyer who is registered in both countries can provide the necessary support and guidance in their pursuit of damage recovery.