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Cross-border personal injury: Whiplash can cause long-term harm

A significant percentage of car accident victims suffer whiplash injuries as the result of the rapid movement of the head during a crash. The problem with these injuries is that they are often hidden, and if they are not diagnosed promptly, the consequences can cause long-term health problems. Sometimes, recovering damages could be a significant challenge. When such an accident occurs during a trip from Vancouver to Seattle, the case could be a lot more complicated if it involves a cross-border personal injury.

Contrary to what most people believe, whiplash injuries¬†cause more lower back injuries than neck injuries — especially when the impact of the crash is from the rear of the vehicle. While many whiplash injuries are mild enough to heal themselves within months, more than one in five victims continue to suffer for many years. The consequences could include chronic pain, weakness and the inability to move freely. Some victims’ suffering continues for the remainder of their lives, even leaving them unable to return to work.

Along with the ongoing pain will come the mounting medical bills. Medical care might include trigger point injections, muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory medications and even epidural spiral injections. However, medication can never restore damaged joints, and these medications will serve mostly as pain management tools. Surgery might be required if there are herniated discs, or when discs cause pressure on the victim’s spinal cord. In rare cases whiplash can cause fractured spines.

Regardless of the type of treatment the crash victim receives, the costs of treatment by medical professionals can be significant, especially if it has to continue for years. Recovering damages could be daunting, and it is a process best handled by a lawyer in Vancouver with experience in dealing with cross border personal injury claims. A lawyer can work to pursue recovery of damages for current and future losses related to the accident.