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Cross-border personal injury: Truck awareness can save lives

When British Columbia residents travel across the border, they will likely share the road with big rigs. Road Safety BC says that the sheer size and weight differences between cars and commercial trucks put car occupants at four times higher risk of suffering fatal injuries in the event of a collision with a big rig. When this involves cross-border personal injury, recovering damages could be a complicated process.

Causes of accidents that lead to cross-border personal injury

When British Columbia residents take shopping or other trips south of the border, they will always be at risk of being involved in car accidents. Many cross-border personal injury claims result from crashes caused by one of five top accident causes. The most common reason is distracted driving. While it is true that an accident can happen even if the driver is alert, without distractions there is more time to react in a way that might prevent serious injuries.

Cross-border personal injury to the head and face can be costly

For British Columbia residents who become auto accident victims while on a trip south of the border, recovering damages could be a daunting prospect. If the cross-border personal injury includes head, face or brain trauma, the consequences could be life-altering. Such injuries are particularly prevalent in high-speed crashes, but even crashes at slower speeds could cause serious injuries.

Cross-border personal injury can be caused by distracted drivers

March is Distracted Driving Awareness Month in British Columbia. Although many drivers think they have heard it all before, safety authorities say drivers need frequent reminding of their increased vulnerability if they give in to distractions. For Vancouver residents who head south of the border, it might be a good idea to look out for drivers who show signs of being distracted. Navigating cross-border personal injury claims can be complicated.

Even light snow can lead to cross-border personal injury claims

Although the worst of the winter weather is over, light snow may continue to pose driving risks for a few more weeks. British Columbia drivers who think that snow-related risks are over until next winter might be surprised to learn that weather officials disagree. While winter hazards continue, those drivers who take trips south of the border should be especially cautious to avoid accidents, which can lead to complicated cross-border personal injury claims.

High-risk driving increases risk of cross-border personal injury

When British-Columbia residents venture across the border, most of them drive with particular caution to avoid being involved in an accident. Recovering damages after suffering cross-border personal injury can be a daunting prospect. Unfortunately, cautious drivers often share the roads with high-risk drivers, increasing the likelihood of accidents.

Why is US immigration issuing more border bans to Canadians?

A television network reportedly obtained information that shows an increase of 300% in the number of bans handed out at border posts in 2019, compared to 2018. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection's Seattle field office issued 65 expedited removal orders during Aug. 2019, while only nine Canadians were issued bans during Aug. 2018. U.S. immigration offers no explanation for the increase.

Speed might lead to cross-border personal injury claims

Motor vehicle accidents resulting in deaths and hospitalizations are a significant concern in British Columbia and across Canada. Authorities say reducing speed can prevent most accidents. This is true in Canada and also south of the border from where many cross-border personal injury claims arise when British Columbia residents go on day trips to Seattle or other destinations in Washington state.

Cross-border personal injury often caused by drunk driving

The Canadian Centre for Substance Use and Addiction says the primary factor in most of the serious road accidents in Canada is drug and/or alcohol impairment. However, that threat does not stop at the border, and British Columbia residents who make frequent trips for shopping, live shows or other purposes south of the border may also be exposed to the dangers posed by impaired drivers. This typically leaves them with the challenges posed by pursuing recovery of monetary damages after cross-border personal injury incidents.

Negligence laws re cross-border personal injury claims

Day trips to Seattle for shopping or other purposes are part of the lives of many Vancouver residents. However, many of them might not realize how complicated matters can be if they are involved in car accidents while travelling south of the border. Cross-border personal injury claims may involve the negligence laws of Washington state.

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