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Cross-border workers may need employment immigration assistance

One of the benefits of living in Canada is having access to our southern neighbour, a country that offers more opportunities than almost anywhere else in the world. Citizens of British Columbia are in an especially advantageous position, with the United States border close at hand for the majority of the population. Employment opportunities can often be found south of the 49th parallel, but taking advantage of them may require some help with employment immigration.

First and foremost, a Canadian seeking to work in the U.S. will require an employment visa. There are several different types of visas; which one is required depends on the nature of the job the person is seeking, or has been offered. It will also depend on whether the applicant has been offered the job as an individual, or if his or her employer is looking to move them to a location in the States.

For some Canadians desiring to work in the U.S., it may actually be more practical to take up residence there. To do so, a green card is required, rather than a visa. It would also be necessary to have a U.S. company sponsor the application.

All of this is merely the tip of a very large legal iceberg. Fortunately, Canadian workers wishing to ply their trade in the United States have access to highly skilled employment immigration lawyers right here in British Columbia. Attorneys at Border Solutions Law Group are licensed in both Canada and the U.S., and can help a potential applicant determine what the best approach is for their specific situation.