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Damage recovery after cross-border crash could be challenging

Motorcycle riders will always be at a higher risk than those protected by the enclosed frames of larger vehicles, along with safety belts and airbags. Authorities say most motorcycle injuries require the skills of orthopedic surgeons to repair the damage. Along with the physical harm, there will be the financial loss to tend to, and if this is a cross-border accident, the complications may be exacerbated when victims have to deal with both British Columbia and Washington State laws.

Bikers can take some precautionary steps to avoid circumstances that might cause them to land up in hospitals across the border. Regardless of a motorcyclists’ experience, essential skills can be refreshed by attending safety training courses. Furthermore, although helmets seem restrictive, they significantly reduce the risk of fatality. The right helmet is one that fits properly, offers facial protection and has enough ventilation to prevent fogging.

Authorities also recommend protective gear that has high visibility and bikes with brake systems that will prevent the locking of the wheels when the rider brakes. Furthermore, they suggest bikers avoid riding in adverse weather conditions. Not only do ice, snow and debris create problems with braking and turning, but bad weather also exposes riders to other drivers who might be unable to maintain control of their vehicles.

Motorcyclists who are injured while on cross-border trips between British Columbia and Washington State can significantly ease the process of pursuing recovery by retaining the services of an experienced lawyer who is registered on both sides of the border. Such a lawyer will have up-to-date knowledge of the laws of both jurisdictions that will allow him or her to navigate personal injury lawsuits against any negligent road users who may be deemed responsible. A successfully presented claim can lead to a monetary award to cover financial and other losses.

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