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Debunked myth: Safety features in vehicle protect drunk drivers

Some people believe the myth that modern cars have so many safety features that they can enjoy a few additional alcoholic beverages and still be safe. Of course, this is false, and regardless of how many safety features their vehicles have, impaired driving will always put drivers at exceptionally high crash risks. When Vancouver residents take trips to Seattle, the dangers of crossing paths with drunk drivers will always exist.

In a survey of Canadian drivers, 7.5% of the participants admitted that knowing their vehicles had multiple safety features would likely convince them to drive after consuming alcohol. Another 3.2% replied that they often drive while impaired. This concerns authorities because regardless of the safety features, impaired drivers typically reduce how effective safety features are.

Delayed reaction times

Even with all the modern safety features, vehicle occupants’ safety still depends on the driver’s ability to react quickly. The safety features do not work on their own. If a driver fails to respond, the safety features will not prevent an accident. Some of these features include brake assist, ABS, electronic stability control or electronic brake-force distribution, all of which require the driver’s response to come to a safe stop.

Impaired coordination

Alcohol consumption hampers coordination, and without the necessary coordination, drivers may not be able to process warning system information and react appropriately. Furthermore, adaptive headlights that are features to improve visibility will serve no purpose if driver intoxication causes blurred or double vision.

Victims of car accidents caused by impaired drivers will likely have grounds to file personal injury lawsuits to recover damages. However, suppose it involves cross-border personal injuries. In that case, the navigation of a civil lawsuit and insurance claims will be significantly more complicated because the laws and regulations of both countries may come into play.