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Declining job quality may lead to employment immigration to U.S.

Like many others in British Columbia, the residents of a community in the southern part of Vancouver Island recently aired their concerns about the decline in the availability of quality jobs. A recent report by CIBC Capital Markets indicated an apparent decline in job quality in Canada over the past 20 years. These citizens say the report held no surprises, and it may lead people look at opportunities for employment immigration.

Based upon data obtained by Statistics Canada, CIBC Capital Markets indicated that a growing percentage of low-paying jobs were recorded over the past 20 years. Alarmingly, statistics show that almost 61 per cent of working Canadians earns less than $25 per hour, which is the average wage countrywide. This is described as a race to the bottom as people are taking on debt to survive.

Canadians between 25 and 54 years old are in their prime earning years and might seek greener grass in other countries like America. Similarly, young people and post-graduates want to establish careers that will allow them to pay for houses, cars, vacations and more may be looking for remedies overcome their dire outlooks in Canada. The most appropriate option may be to seek employment with Canadian companies that send employees to work in the U.S.

Any person trying to become a Canadian working in the U.S. must first have a job offer and an employer that will be his or her sponsor for a visa. However, with the rapidly changing dynamics in America, it may be wise to seek the support and guidance of a law firm whose focus is on assisting workers going to the U.S. A skilled lawyer can help with obtaining the appropriate visas and other requirements for employment immigration. Lawyers who handle cross-border immigration issues can provide the necessary support and guidance to make a smooth transition into the U.S. and potentially earn enough to support a family and provide for a relaxing retirement.

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