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Distractions could cause cross-border personal injuries

Even with fewer vehicles crossing the border between Canada and the United States, motorists are at risk of being victims of road accidents. Safety authorities say distractions remain the cause of a significant number of crashes. When a British Columbia resident suffers a cross-border personal injury, pursuing damage recovery can be complicated.

Reportedly, one in four fatal crashes across most of Canada involve distractions. Fatal crashes caused by distractions now exceed the number of alcohol-related fatalities in some Canadian jurisdictions. Data from one provincial police department suggests a distracted driving accident occurs every 30 minutes. Few drivers believe that a few seconds of distraction to read a cellphone message could be fatal, but that is the sad truth.

Our busy lifestyles have caused many drivers to believe that the ability to multi-task is a virtue. That may be true at home or in the office, but not while driving. Anything other than driving that occupies the driver’s eyes, mind and hands compromises the¬†ability to identify and react to road hazards in time to avoid accidents.

British Columbia victims of auto accidents south of the border might have questions about their legal rights to pursue financial relief. This process is particularly complicated because it involves the insurance and civil justice systems of both Canada and the United States. The most sensible step for such crash victims might be to seek the support and guidance of legal counsel. A British Columbia lawyer who has experience in dealing with cross-border personal injury cases could navigate the administrative and legal proceedings on behalf of the crash victim.