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Driving while drowsy as dangerous as drunk driving

Safety authorities recommend that drivers should get at least seven hours of sleep per night. Those who miss one to two hours of sleep are twice as likely to be involved in car accidents. British Columbia residents who travel to Seattle or another destination south of the border might be exposed to the dangers posed by drowsy drivers. When this happens, they will have to deal with legal and insurance issues, which can be more complicated when it involves cross-border personal injury.

The AAA released a study that showed the dangers of drowsy driving. Furthermore, when comparing drowsy driving to drunk driving, the results indicated that drivers who lost two or three hours of sleep in 24 hours were as impaired as drivers with a blood alcohol content of equal to or more than the limit of .08%. Reportedly, the driving abilities of those who had four hours sleep or less were as impaired as drivers whose BAC levels are between .12 and .15.

It is advised to avoid driving when the individual has had too little sleep or, in the alternative, to pull over at a safe place if feeling drowsy. It’s important for all motorists to keep a lookout for other drivers who are impaired by alcohol or the lack of sleep. Sadly, there are many victims who are injured or killed due to the impaired driving of other individuals.

The consequences of drowsy driving could be deadly, and when such accidents happen on the other side of the border, there might be many questions about the legal rights to damage recovery. Answers are obtainable from an experienced cross-border personal injury lawyer in British Columbia. Legal counsel can assist throughout ensuing legal proceedings and insurance matters.