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Eligibility requirements for foreign nationals to study in Canada

Students worldwide explore their options to study in countries other than their home countries. A significant percentage of potential students find learning institutions across Canada, including British Columbia, attractive options. Those who do typically have questions about eligibility for study permits and how long such permits are valid. 

Who can study in Canada without a study permit?

People with any of the following statuses do not need study permits: 

  • Family or staff of foreign representatives 
  • Members of foreign armed forces 
  • Registered Indians in Canada 

Eligibility requirements for a study permit

Students who plan short-term studies in British Columbia or other provinces in Canada do not need study permits to participate in study programs lasting six months or less. However, proof of enrollment at a facility listed as a designated learning institution (DLI) is required for more extended study periods. Requirements include proof of financial sources to cover the following: 

  • Tuition fees 
  • Living expenses for the student and any family members who accompany the student
  • Travel costs for the student and family members to return to their home country when the permit expires
  • Obtaining a police certificate that shows the student is law-abiding and without a criminal record
  • A medical examination to prove the student is in good health
  • Proof to show the student will not remain in Canada after the expiration of the study permit

Responsibilities of a study permit holder

During the student’s stay in Canada, the following responsibilities will apply: 

  • Respect the listed conditions on the study permit. 
  • Take steps to complete the program. 
  • A student who cannot meet the requirements should stop studying. 

The student’s study permit will confirm permission to study in Canada, stating the specific DLI approved, and also specify whether and where the student may travel in Canada while the study permit is valid. These are but some of the answers to questions about foreign nationals studying in British Columbia. Such an undertaking is typically a complicated process. However, it could be simplified by reaching out to professionals who can help ease the process of obtaining the necessary visas and study permits.