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Employment immigration: Can spouses and children go along?

Scores of residents of British Columbia and other provinces travel to the United States every year to work there. Employment immigration is quite common, and those considering doing the same may have questions about their spouses and children who might want to join them. Non-professional immigrants typically go to the United States on an H-1B visa.

H-1B visa holders can be accompanied by their spouses and children who are under the age of 21 years and unmarried. They will require H4 visas and may remain in the United States for the same length of time as the H-1B visa holders with whom the travelled. Holders of H-4 visas can open U.S. bank accounts and obtain driver’s licences.

If the spouse and/or children of an H-1B visa holder want to study in the United States, they may apply for F-1 visas. If, for example, the spouse or one of the children is also offered U.S. employment, he or she must request approval of a change to a non-immigrant status that allows employment. H-4 visa holders may not accept or look for a job, and they will not receive Social Security Numbers. However, they will get tax IDs.

British Columbia residents may find all the employment immigration laws confusing. However, they need not navigate the many rules and regulations on their own. Help is available from seasoned immigration law lawyers who are experienced in handling the visa requirements for Canada and the United States. There are solutions to any cross-border and immigration issues with the guidance and support of skillful legal representatives.

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