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Employment Immigration — the internet can be misleading

U.S. companies who want to transfer personnel from their offices in British Columbia to their facilities in the United States may have questions about visa requirements and more. Having experienced cross-border attorneys to assess the eligibility of both the company and the employee to be transferred can prevent errors. If you lost money because the data about employment immigration you got off the internet was misleading, you can find accurate information relating to both sides of the border when you consult with Border Solutions Law Group in Vancouver.

There are different visas required for employment immigration¬†to the United States, including visas for business visitors, visas for permanent workers in the United States and other visas for temporary workers. Furthermore, performers and athletes require specific visas, and so do employees with specialised knowledge. Spouses, parents, children or other loved ones can accompany all these workers — if they are holders of preference visas. Additionally, there are intracompany transfer visas for Canadian employees of U.S. companies.

If your employers in the United States want to move you from Vancouver to their U.S. facility, you may qualify for an L visa. However, the requirements are strict and complicated. Some assume they are eligible when they are not, and others qualify without realizing it. The first requirement is for both entities, the U.S. employer and the foreign entity, to be legitimate businesses — shell companies will not qualify.

To ensure the professional handling of your transfer from British Columbia to the United States, your best step may be to consult with the lawyers at the Border Solutions Law Group. Our firm focuses on employment immigration. We will prescreen you to determine the type of visa for which you qualify after analysing your needs. We will answer all your questions and streamline the process to save you time, money and effort.