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Environment Canada warns travellers of hazardous road conditions

Snow, rain showers, wind and flurries are typical weather conditions in British Columbia. Environment Canada has urged motorists to take extra care on the roads and to avoid unnecessary driving. The new year kicked off with heavy snowfalls, icy winds, rain and hazardous road conditions.

Sadly, several people lost their lives in car accidents over the New Years’ weekend. A snowfall warning was still in effect for the first week of January for parts of Metro Vancouver, as a mix of snow, rain, wind and fog were expected to continue. 

RCMP safety warnings

A spokesperson for Surrey Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) warned drivers to beware of snow clearing crews. They focus first on plowing highways, bridges and bus routes, causing significant risks for vehicle operators in those areas. Motorists also face significant dangers on roads not scheduled for priority clearing.  

Drivers are also urged to be patient and look out for other motorists. One irate driver can endanger the lives of many others. Driving in fog, rain and snowfalls is challenging for even the best drivers. With buses trapped in snow and transit commuters making other plans, more passenger cars on the Metro Vancouver roads exacerbate the dangers. Road safety authorities say 4×4 vehicles and snow tires are still at risk due to sudden braking or stopping. 

Damage recovery

British Columbia residents who lose loved ones or suffered injuries in road accidents during inclement weather may have grounds to pursue damage recovery. Drivers’ negligence cannot be blamed on the weather. Anyone whose negligence caused an accident could face full accountability for financial and other losses suffered by crash victims or surviving family members of those who lose their lives.

The entire process could become more complicated in cases of cross-border personal injury because it will involve the laws and insurance regulations of both British Columbia and Washington or other U.S. states. In such cases, it is worth seeking out a personal injury lawyer who specializes in cross-border cases.