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High-risk driving causes many car accidents

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) says high-risk driving is responsible for a significant percentage of road accidents. Such driving threatens the lives of drivers, other vehicle occupants, pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.  

According to the ICBC, the most dangerous driving behaviours include disregarding traffic control devices, improper passing, failing to yield and not maintaining safe following distances. Practicing defensive driving techniques could help safe drivers avoid involvement in accidents. 

Disregarding traffic control devices

As with posted speed limits, there are reasons traffic control devices are used. High-risk drivers often disregard these devices, sometimes rolling through stop lightsThey often speed up when approaching a light that has been green for some time instead of slowing down and preparing to stop if it changes to yellow. Another high-risk practice involves drivers rolling through a red light when they want to turn right. 

Following too closely

Tailgating is a double-edged sword because it can cause a rear-end crash into the car, and the driver could be rear-ended by another vehicle. A two-second following distance is safe in perfect conditions and even more is needed in adverse weather conditions. 

Improper passing

When it comes to passing other vehicles, several dangers exist. High-risk drivers may proceed to pass even if they cannot see ahead. They might pass without indicating their intentions and then use excessive speed to pass without crashing into oncoming vehicles they did not see because their line of sight was obscured. 

If you’ve suffered an injury in British Columbia from an accident caused by a high-risk driver, you can pursue financial relief through the ICBC and the civil justice system. If the claims involve cross-border personal injury, damage recovery may involve the insurance and civil laws of both countries.