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How do big-rig drivers deal with cross-border personal injury?

Many commercial truck drivers that cross the border between British Columbia and Washington State are independent contractors. The fact that they are responsible for their own expenses in the event of an accident may create concern. Cross-border personal injury lawsuits can be challenging to navigate because a victim has to deal with the laws and insurance policies of two countries.

Every time a truck driver takes to the road, he or she must assume risk and liability. Truckers have challenging deadlines while having to comply with hours of service regulations and maintaining driver logs. Furthermore, regular inspections and maintenance must also be scheduled in between, and breakdowns can leave them on the side of the road for hours — often in extreme temperatures.

Although most drivers of big rigs are likely the most skillful drivers on the highways, they often receive little consideration from other vehicle operators. They have to cope with multiple blind spots while driving, and there is no sudden stopping because the driver of a fully loaded tractor-trailer needs approximately two football-field lengths to bring the vehicle to a complete halt. The bottom line is big rig drivers need to be alert, drive defensively and be patient.

With all the issues of concern with which commercial truck drivers have to cope every day, they might find comfort in knowing that the services of a British Columbia law firm that deals exclusively with cross-border personal injury cases are available in the event of an accident. These drivers can typically not afford time off the road, and if their injuries resulted from another person’s negligence, a civil lawsuit might secure recovery of damages. Furthermore, the lawyer can also navigate the dealings with insurers on both sides of the border.

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