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How will you deal with hit-and-run cross-border personal injury?

Accidents can happen to anybody at any time. It is never easy to deal with injuries, but if a British Columbia resident is involved in a crash while on a trip south of the border, things can get complicated. Dealing with doctors, hospitals, medical expenses, insurance and other cross-border personal injury issues could be overwhelming.

Challenges can be exacerbated if a hit-and-run driver causes the injuries. An example of such an accident is one that recently occurred in a U.S. state on a recent Wednesday. Reportedly, a Canadian family rented two pedicabs — one for the 32-year-old mother and their 5-year-old daughter, and the other one for the 33-year-old father and the 8-year-old daughter. While they were out enjoying the rides, an alleged negligent driver allegedly struck the one pedicab, causing it to smash into the other pedicab.

Authorities reported that the operator of the cycle rickshaw that was first struck suffered critical injuries, and all four members of the Canadian family were transported to a hospital with injuries not considered life-threatening. Fortunately, they will all be able to return to Canada safely, but they will have to deal with the financial and emotional consequences. The fact that the driver’s identity is as yet unknown may complicate any claims for monetary damages initially.

British Columbia residents who find themselves in similar circumstances may find comfort in knowing that they can get the necessary support and guidance from an experienced lawyer who focuses on cross-border personal injury cases. A lawyer can navigate dealings with the ICBC as well as any viable legal claims in pursuit of damage recovery. There might be grounds for such a lawsuit once the hit-and-run driver is identified.