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Are Cross-Border Injury Claims Worth More In The U.S.?

The popular perception is that personal injury cases are worth far more in the U.S. than in Canada. This is not always the case. Rushing into a lawsuit in BC or Washington without knowing how the law and insurers work in both jurisdictions is risky. Without the benefit of experience, it can lead to disappointingly unanticipated financial results.

We Help You Avoid The Perils And Pitfalls

At Border Solutions Law Group, our exclusive focus in personal injury is on cross-border cases. Our lawyers are dual-licensed. We regularly fight injury claims in both Vancouver and Seattle.

Over the years, we have analyzed thousands of claims. Our experience is the reason why we have so consistently gained financially favourable outcomes for our clients. We know how to balance the potential awards against the costs. Before launching into a suit, we make sure you’ll end up with a financial win, not a loss.

Why Some U.S. Claims Are Worth More

Unlike British Columbia, Washington state places no cap on certain damages. One of these is for pain and suffering. But maximizing compensation depends on the type of injury. For catastrophic, life-altering injuries, the difference can mean millions of dollars in compensation. But in reality, the vast majority of claims are for soft tissue injuries, which are worth far less.

Legal Costs Are A Key Consideration

The cost of court and legal fees is another important consideration. In BC, your legal costs will likely be covered by the insurer. In Washington, each party is responsible for their own costs. If you hastily initiate a lawsuit and it drags on, you could easily see your compensation reduced down to very little after paying for litigation costs. The key is to know when an award will actually be worth the cost of litigation.

At Border Solutions, we know when you should push forward and when you should settle. We will analyze all the factors, do the number crunching and ensure that you end up financially on top.

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