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Is business travel between British Columbia and the US allowed?

The borders between Canada and the United States remain closed for nonessential travelling. However, some people might have questions about what constitutes essential or nonessential. Any trips across the U.S. border for recreational reasons, attending cultural events, gambling or tourism are regarded as nonessential. However, trade and business travel are not restricted.

Broadly, travel is deemed essential if it involves the following:

  • Critical infrastructure support
  • Study and work
  • Supply chains and financial services
  • Immediate or urgent medical care and other health issues
  • Security and safety

In those circumstances, restrictions will not impede goods or workers. In practical terms, this means that?

  • U.S. citizens and permanent residents who hold valid travel documents may return to the U.S. as exempted travelers.
  • Students may travel to educational institutions.
  • Patients are allowed to travel to the United States for medical treatment or other medical purposes.
  • Emergency responders and government officials may travel in response to emergencies at federal, state and other levels.
  • Diplomatic and official government-related travel is allowed.
  • Truck operators may move cargo loads between Canada and the United States.
  • Individual business people involved in lawful trade across the border are not restricted.
  • Military personnel engaged in related travel and operations.

During the period of only essential travel across the land borders with the United States, operating hours and personnel will be limited. British Columbia has similar travel restrictions for people crossing from the U.S. Furthermore, the province requires individuals entering from other countries to remain quarantined for 14 days. British Columbia residents who plan trips across the border are advised to seek experienced counsel about border restrictions and which documents to have ready for border officials to limit frustration at the border post.