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Looking for legal assistance with employment immigration?

When working in the tech world of Silicon Valley or elsewhere in the United States is part of the career dreams of a British Columbia citizen, the rapidly changing immigration laws may leave the aspiring computer guru despondent. Who can help those in similar circumstances? How would they choose a law firm that focusses on employment immigration and its complexities?

They would likely look for a law firm that does more than dabble in cross-border law. They would seek a law firm that focusses exclusively on such cases. Experience might be another requirement. Only law firms who have processed thousands of visas for Canadians travelling to the United States would do because these entities would have ample experience in handling the most complicated and challenging issues over the years.

For many prospective clients, a law firm that is registered only in Canada may not be enough. They might feel more comfortable in hiring lawyers who have dual licensing in both Canada and the United States to avoid the need for legal counsel in both countries. A lawyer whose knowledge of all rapidly changing immigration laws is up to date, along with skills to handle the legal processes, court proceedings and the red tape on both sides of the border, may be precisely what is required.

Convenient access would likely play a significant role in a British Columbia resident’s choice of legal representation for employment immigration. Fortunately, they would not have too far to look because a law firm that meets all those criteria exist in Vancouver. Border Solutions Law Group has offices that are situated on Vancouver Harbour’s south side, and its lawyers often work in Washington State. They can handle any client’s cross-border issues efficiently and expediently.