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Navigating Canadian immigration law can be challenging

British Columbia residents who plan to travel to the United States may be under the impression that Canadians are not required to have visas to enter the country. While this may be true in certain circumstances, it may be wise to gain knowledge of the Canadian immigration law. This will also indicate what documentation is required for the purpose of the trip.

Residents of Canada who want to travel to the United States by road to visit or study do not typically require visas. However, those travelling by air require an entry visa. Canadians who are engaged to be married to American citizens need visas, and so do those who intend to immigrate or invest. Journalists, NAFTA professionals or temporary workers must present specific supporting documents and approved petitions as required by the United States at the border.

Those who want to travel to the United States to work need special visas, and although visitors from Canada may usually remain in the country for six months, this does not include anybody who wants to work there. Foreign visitors to America — including Canadians — must indicate their intentions or desires to live, study, or work there upon their initial entry. Failure to disclose such plans may lead to the person being barred and refused re-entry in the future.

A consultation with an experienced Canadian immigration law lawyer may be the appropriate step to take. This may help avoid legal complications or other disappointments when travelling to the United States for the purpose of employment, studies or other non-tourist reasons. A lawyer who is knowledgeable in the laws of both countries and registered to practice in both countries can ensure that all the requirements are met, and documentation is in order.

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