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Pedestrians face risks of cross-border personal injury

Pedestrians in Vancouver must always be more careful once winter weather sets in, and that also applies to those who take trips to Washington State. Although Seattle’s average snowfall is not exceptionally high, cold spells with ice and heavy snowfalls do occur. Cars could strike pedestrians, or slip-and-fall accidents could happen at any time, and if the victim is a British Columbia resident, cross-border personal injury claims could be challenging.

Fewer daylight hours and adverse weather limit visibility, which increases the chances of being struck while crossing the street or slipping on an icy patch on the sidewalk. Safety authorities advise pedestrians to wear bright and reflective clothing along with suitable footwear that poses limited fall risks. They say pedestrians should avoid using cell phones while walking, and make eye contact with vehicle drivers before crossing the road at intersections and crosswalks; they should also avoid jaywalking.

Further safety suggestions include planning outings during daytime instead of at night and choosing days with good weather conditions. Also, allow enough time to avoid the need to rush — which exacerbates slip-and-fall risks. Carrying heavy parcels might interfere with a pedestrian’s ability to maintain his or her balance while walking on wet sidewalks.

British Columbia pedestrians who suffered injuries while they were in Washington might find it challenging to deal with the necessary insurance and legal steps in pursuit of financial relief. Many others in similar situations choose to utilize the services of a lawyer who has experience in dealing with all aspects related to such injuries. Legal counsel will navigate the dealings with insurance providers along with the legalities of any civil lawsuits that might follow in pursuit of damage recovery.