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Potential cross-border personal injury risks over the holidays

British Columbia residents who plan to head south to spend the holidays with family and friends in the United States this year may be wise to take some time to consider the risks of landing in a U.S. hospital during that time. Dealing with cross-border personal injury issues can be challenging, and it is not only automobile accidents to consider. There are many circumstances that could lead to injuries, especially if there are young children involved.

Children must never be without adult supervision, and it is a good idea for adults to take turns watching them. Knowing who is supervising the little ones, instead of assuming someone is watching them is an important safety consideration. Potential hazards regarding kids include access to purses that contain medication, lighters and other hazardous items, tripping hazards like cords, lights and holiday decor. Unsafe toys pose choking hazards, and sharp edges can cause lacerations. Even if age-appropriate toys are gifted, toddlers could get hold of dangerous toys that belong to older children.

Choking hazards go beyond loose parts of toys because the plastic wrap, staples, foam and other packaging materials are equally dangerous. Also, the small button-type batteries in toys can cause poisoning or internal burns if a child should swallow them. Further choking hazards include nuts, hard candies, hot dogs, popcorn and raw carrots. Children who walk or run while eating are at a higher risk for injuries.

Further dangers on the endless list of holiday hazards are Christmas trees and decorations, holiday lights, candles and fireplaces. Having to deal with insurance providers and legal issues if the negligence of another party caused the injuries while away from British Columbia could exacerbate the trauma. For that reason, others in similar situations choose to seek the support and guidance of a cross-border personal injury lawyer who can assess the circumstances and explain the available options for legal recourse.