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Risks of cross-border personal injury when driving in Seattle

Whenever Vancouver residents take trips to Seattle for shopping or other purposes, they have to deal with challenging circumstances. The risks of suffering cross-border personal injury is significant, and the legal consequences can be complicated. Travel authorities say Seattle is frequently listed as one of the cities with the worst traffic conditions in the United States.

Visiting drivers are advised to time their driving in Seattle to occur between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Rush hour puts out-of-town visitors at risk of being caught in stressful situations as drivers get frustrated while merging with other traffic on and off the city’s highways. Unsafe merging is reported to be one of the most significant hazards on Seattle roads.

Seattle is known for its many bicyclists, and although most of them ride responsibly, the city’s motorists are reported to be less accommodating. This might be because cyclists do not have to use bike lanes or stay on the shoulder of the roads — they share the roads with vehicular traffic. Then there are the weather hazards. Snow is not a frequent occurrence, but when it does occur, slowly melting snow can cause black ice when road surfaces refreeze — a deadly danger.

For Vancouver drivers who suffer injuries while on trips south of the border, the dealings with insurance companies and applicable laws could be a complicated affair. If another party’s negligence caused the accident, recovering damages could involve dealings with the civil justice systems and insurance laws of both countries. This is where the skills of a lawyer with cross-border personal injury experience can be an invaluable asset.