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Risks of cross-border personal injury when driving in spring rain

Although Vancouver and Seattle typically don’t receive as much rain in May as other times of the year, it is still a real possibility, and when it happens, it increases accident risks. Many British Columbia residents might be anxious to get out after the long, cold winter, and travelling south to Seattle might be the ideal outing. However, unsuspected light rain might just cause a crash, and cross-border personal injury claims are never easy to navigate.

A recent climate study that used precise weather radar data showed interesting results related to car accidents. A meteorologist and data analyst says that the risks of fatal car accidents are more than twice as high in heavy rainstorms as in clear weather. However, a significant risk of serious crashes exists in light rain, even just a drizzle.

Authorities say most drivers automatically reduce speed when they encounter heavy rain. However, few drivers slow down when they travel in light rain. They might not realize that even a thin layer of moisture on the road surface could cause slippery and extremely dangerous conditions. Moreover, puddles of water can hide potholes that could cause car accidents.

When British Columbia citizens suffer injuries in auto accidents that resulted from another driver’s negligence, they are typically entitled to ICBC benefits. However, if such an accident happens while they are in Seattle or another U.S. city, it might be a good idea to reach out to a lawyer who has experience in dealing with cross-border personal injury claims. This will significantly improve the victim’s chances of recovering financial and emotional damages.