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Some car accident injuries cause long-term health problems

Reportedly, over 60,000 car accidents occur in Metro Vancouver each year. While some of them cause minor or no injuries, others leave victims with life-changing or even debilitating injuries. If an accident occurs south of the border, pursuing damage recovery might be challenging.

The body’s natural release of adrenaline, paired with the shock of a collision, could disguise some injuries. Gashes, cuts and bruises, and even fractured bones are typically treated immediately. However, once the shock and adrenaline wear off, hidden and often severe injuries become evident. It could happen within days or sometimes even months after the accident.

The consequences of hidden injuries like soft tissue damage could be long-lasting, and damage to internal organs could be life-threatening. The following are often among the ramifications:

  • increased or chronic pain
  • compromised range of motion
  • scar tissue formation
  • mental health damage
  • limited ability to conduct daily activities
  • adverse impact on overall life quality and enjoyment

Car accident victims are often advised to have thorough medical examinations soon or immediately after the crash. This can help early diagnosis and treatment, which could eliminate long-term harm. However, it can provide medical reports that will prove injuries and medical treatment were linked to a car accident. Such documented proof will be crucial as part of a personal injury lawsuit seeking recovery of financial and emotional damages.