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Summer driving risks can cause cross-border personal injury

A lot of attention is typically paid to the hazards of driving during the winter months, but many motorists forget about the risks of summer driving. Warm weather days in British Columbia could be lazy, and they tend to cause complacency in some drivers. If accidents happen while Vancouver residents are on trips to Seattle, the navigation of legal and insurance issues after cross-border personal injury could be complicated.

Just like dealing with snow and ice on the roads in winter, summer rains can be hazardous. Drivers who do not take care on wet roads may have to deal with skidding or hydroplaning. Lower speeds and extra stopping distances are as crucial at this time of the year as in winter. Instead of savouring drives in the balmy weather, some drivers find the bright, clear days ideal for speeding, often with devastating consequences.

In contrast, those who relish their drives on lazy sunny, days might become drowsy. Also, taking long trips without enough rest could result in fatigue — both are conditions that could be life-threatening. While looking out for other cars and trying to anticipate the actions of other drivers, it is also crucial not to lose sight of pedestrians, cyclists and even deer or other wild animals that are also out enjoying the weather.

Unfortunately, the actions of other drivers cannot always be anticipated, and victims of car accidents that were caused by the negligence of other parties are typically entitled to damage recovery. If cross-border personal injury is suffered, navigating the insurance or legal proceedings in British Columbia and Washington state will be challenging. Fortunately, a Vancouver lawyer with experience in dealing with civil law and insurance providers on both sides of the border can assist along every step of the way.