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The complexities of cross-border personal injury claims

Accidents happen in split seconds, and injuries can be severe. If you suffer any injuries while travelling across the border between British Columbia and Washington State, pursuing financial relief can be quite a challenge. Fortunately, the lawyers at the Border Solutions Law Group focus on cross-border personal injury cases — in fact, they do not handle any other type of injury cases.

If, for instance, you live in Seattle and suffer injuries in Vancouver due to another person’s negligence, you will have two separate legal claims to navigate at the same time. In your own country, you will have to deal with your insurance claim, but if you want to pursue a personal injury claim, that will have to be done across the border. Would such circumstances require you to appoint a lawyer in each city? Not if you retain the services of the Border Solutions Law Group.

All our lawyers are licensed to practice law in British Columbia and Washington, and we have served scores of clients in Vancouver and Seattle. Our lawyers can explain to which benefits you are entitled and which claims for damage recovery are valid in each jurisdiction. These will likely include the expenses related to medical care, rehabilitation and future care along with lost income and earning capacity in the future, pain and suffering and more. We can also explain the caps that the two jurisdictions place on specific claims.

Other differences include the handling of legal costs, and our lawyers can determine whether a lawsuit is worth pursuing. Furthermore, we can ensure the different time limits are met when cross-border personal injury claims are pursued. Despite the complexities of the laws in British Columbia and Washington, our lawyers at the Border Solutions Law Group work on a contingency basis, and we only charge fees if we recover damages.