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Tips for immigrants coming to Canada

Moving to Canada is an exciting time for many people. Once you learn that you’ll be able to do this, you have to start planning your future. There are many things that can make it easier for you to adjust to this country.

One thing that’s critical is that you don’t forget your heritage. Finding activities and communities that can help you to stay true to your roots might benefit you greatly while you’re here – especially as you adjust to the new culture.

Besides doing that, here are some other tips you can use to make your transition to life in Canada easier:

Work on improving your language proficiency as much as possible

You can find pocket communities where all kinds of languages are spoken, but the predominant language used in this country is English. French is a close second, however – and it is the official language of Quebec.

You’ll find it much easier to navigate unfamiliar situations if you have some basic English down. That way, you won’t have to rely on interpreters when you need to get anything done. Plus, bilingual abilities can help open doors to new employment opportunities.

Highlight your experience and education

If you don’t have a job awaiting you when you make it to this country, you’ll soon be looking for work. Be sure to have copies of any degrees or certifications that you hold so you can show those to potential employers.

Preparing a resume that highlights your education, on-the-job training, certifications and experience ahead of your immigration can help you get ready. The Government of Canada also offers pre-arrival services to help you get your credentials recognized in Canada and aid you in your job search.

Research where you want to relocate

There are many factors to consider where you want to settle once you arrive in Canada. Language is one. As discussed above, some provinces rely heavily on French while others use predominantly English.

Another factor to keep in mind is cost of living. In March of 2021, the average monthly cost of living in Canada for one person – not including rent – was $1,109 per month. For a family of four, the average cost was $3,674 per month – not including rent.

However, the cost of housing varies widely across the country. The cost of real estate tends to be cheaper in Atlantic provinces. Additionally, housing prices across the country are usually less expensive outside of major cities.

Immigrating to Canada can be a complicated process. Experienced guidance can help to ease your transition and get your immigration journey off to a good start.