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U.S. Immigration: Be prepared for the F-1 student visa interview

People from across the globe flock to the United States to study, including some residents of British Columbia. However, there is much more to it than being accepted as a student in a competitive and desirable U.S. university or college. Obtaining an F-1 student visa may turn out to be a challenging process. Furthermore, students will have to attend an interview with a U.S. immigration official, during which they have to answer a variety of questions, some of which could be personal.

The interviewer will ask questions about the applicant’s study plans and his or her reason for choosing to study rather than pursuing a career in the workforce. They will also question the applicant’s reason for selecting a United States institution rather than a university or college in his or her home country. At this time, the applicant will also have to explain his or her choice of university and provide proof of academic capability. The documented proof will include previous GPAs, test scores and other educational evaluations.

During the interview, the applicant will have to show that he or she has the financial resources to cover the education expenses along with housing, travel, food, health insurance and any other costs. F-1 visas are typically only considered for applicants who have strong ties with their home countries. Therefore, questions about the student’s post-graduation plans will form an important part of the interview. Applicants will be asked about family, property, job offers or any other obligations back home.

Being prepared for the F-1 student visa interview could be beneficial, and knowing what to expect and have the answers ready could be an advantage. For that reason, some British Columbia students who wish to further their educations at an institution south of the border choose to utilize the services of an experienced U.S. immigration lawyer. Having legal counsel who is registered on both sides of the border might be an asset.

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