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US immigration: E2 Treaty Investor Visas are useful options

Canada is one of the E2 Treaty Investor Visa Countries, which enables investors from British Columbia or other Canadian provinces or territories to apply for E2 visas. Under U.S. immigration laws, an E2 Visa allows investors to work and live in the U.S. while they develop and direct businesses in the United States. If an E2 Visa is obtained, executives, essential skill employees and management of the company are allowed entry.

Large companies may get permission to send executive-level employees and management to establish and direct the business in the U.S. instead of business owners. Furthermore, employees of a Canadian investor may also be eligible for E2 visas. However, they must also be Canadian nationals to qualify.

The fact that business can send key personnel to manage and direct the Canadian investor’s business in the United States is of significant value for medium and large companies. The E2 Visa is different from the L-1 visa. It does not require the personnel sent to run the investor’s business in the U.S. to have been employed with the same employer in Canada for a specific period before the E2 visa application. Nor is it required for the business to continue operations in Canada for a predetermined period.

Investors in British Columbia who consider establishing business enterprises in the United States will likely have questions about the conditions applicants for E2 Treaty Investor Visas should meet. An experienced U.S. immigration lawyer can provide all the answers. Also, legal counsel can assist with the visa applications of the investor and his or her key personnel while providing valuable support and guidance along every step of the way.