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US immigration extended border closure once again

US immigration extended border closure once again

With the possibility of border closures and travel restrictions changing at any time, British Columbia residents may be unsure of their rights to travel. U.S. immigration laws have specific entry requirements. In turn, Canadian officials discourage travelling across international borders. Thus, before planning a trip to the United States, British Columbia residents are advised to check whether their circumstances, the reason for travelling and itinerary are valid, and justify entry into the U.S.

Recent reports indicated that Canadian travellers who meet specific requirements would be able to enter if they travel from Canada to a U.S. destination by air. Conditions may include quarantine or self-isolation upon arriving in the U.S., depending on which state they visit. Furthermore, authorities in the destination state may impose additional or changed requirements without notice, which could disrupt the travel plans. The authorities of the state they visit may require documented serological tests, PCR tests and health certificates.

British Columbia residents who decide to travel regardless of the Canadian authorities’ discouragement may face unanticipated challenges. If lockdown regulations change while they are south of the border, obtaining essential services and products might not be possible. Similarly, stricter movement restrictions might prevent their return to Canada indefinitely.

Additionally, if health threats increase, British Columbia residents in the United States may be ordered to quarantine at specifically designated facilities; however, their insurance might not cover the cost. Furthermore, consular services might be restricted. For all these reasons, British Columbians who still plan trips across the border may be well advised to familiarize themselves with the latest U.S. immigration laws and restrictions.