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US immigration: Family members can cross the border to reunite

The temporary closing of the border between Canada and the United States will continue for some time. Although U. S. immigration continues the total travel ban for unnecessary travelling across the border, the Canadian government announced the loosening of the border crossing ban. Families in British Columbia and other provinces who had loved ones trapped on the other side of the border will be allowed to reunite.

The border closure came into effect in March, at which time many family members of Canadians who were in the United States at that time could not return home. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made the announcement on June 8. Any immediate family members of permanent residents or Canadian citizens trapped in the United States can cross the border to reunite with their families. This means that spouses and children who were separated can come back to Canada.

However, authorities noted that the exemption to allow immediate family members to return does not allow any pleasure trips or weekend travelling. Nor will people be allowed to cross the border to attend social gatherings. The goal is to reunite Canadian families who were forced to live apart in these unusual circumstances.

People in British Columbia who have questions about their rights to reunite with their family members who were trapped south of the border can consult with a lawyer. Legal counsel with experience in dealing with Canadian and U.S. immigration matters can assess the circumstances and determine the validity of the travel plans. The lawyer can explain the legal rights and assist with preparing the necessary documentation to justify the border crossing.