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US immigration: Heed health warnings before crossing the border

British Columbia residents who plan trips across the border are advised to learn all about potential health hazards they might encounter at their destination. The Public Health Agency of Canada monitors the situations of any outbreaks of viruses closely. The agency issues travel health notices if there is any possibility of Canadian travellers being infected in the United States.

The health agency provides frequent updates, which also include information on precautions travellers should take for protection against infection. It is also a good idea for Canadian visitors to the U.S. to follow updates provided by the health agency as additional information becomes available. Whenever health threats involve airborne viruses or diseases that are passed from person to person, people are warned to avoid any conditions where crowds of people are present.

Before crossing the border on a trip to the U.S., it is also a good idea for travellers to make sure they have travel health insurance. Although medical care and medical facilities in the United States are of good quality, the costs in the event of unanticipated illnesses could be high. Those who are not covered by health insurance will have to settle medical bills immediately.

Before taking trips from British Columbia across the border, it might be a good idea to consult with an experienced U.S. immigration lawyer in Vancouver. A lawyer will be up to date with any travel health notices, and he or she could provide valuable guidance with obtaining the necessary travel health insurance. Legal counsel can also explain the need for additional coverage for hospital stays and medical evacuation. At the same time, legal counsel can make sure the client has all the necessary documentation to make the border crossing a smooth process.