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U.S. Immigration: More Canadians are crossing the border

In the past, British Columbia residents had no problems with travelling across the border into Washington for day trips or more extended stays. However, with the many changes in the U.S. immigration laws, the proposed travel ban and the anti-immigrant policy of the United States, Canadians may be reluctant to cross the border. Those who had plan to study or pursue a career south of the border may also be hesitant to proceed.

The general travel and immigration picture in the United States might have caused fewer foreign visitors. In fact, tourism authorities there say the number of international visitors to the United States has dropped significantly. However, the lower numbers recorded applied to visitors from all countries except Canada. They say the number of visitors from Canada increased by almost five percent.

Still, crossing the border into the United States is not as simple as before. It may be wise to check and double check that all the necessary travel documents are in place before embarking on such a trip. No one wants to be detained or held up by the border officials.

Fortunately, British Columbia residents have access to a law firm that is registered to practice on both sides of the border. The lawyers’ knowledge of the latest changes to the U.S. immigration laws is up to date. A consultation with them may ensure that travellers in the United States obtain the appropriate visas and other required documentation before embarking on a trip across the border. The lawyers are there to help navigate the grey areas for tourists, students, business visitors and more, and they can help reduce the risk of immigration complications.

Source: The Globe and Mail, “Canadians flock to U.S. destinations despite tourism ‘Trump slump’“, Dave McGinn, Dec. 27, 2017