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US immigration part of NEXUS applications delayed

The temporary shutdown of the United States government saw all nonessential government services put on hold until budget-related issues can be resolved. This includes some U.S. immigration services like the NEXUS program. Its purpose is to provide preapproval to holders of NEXUS cards and to streamline their border crossings thereby. Applicants typically represent frequent travellers between British Columbia and other Canadian provinces and territories and the United States.

Right now, only half of the application process for NEXUS cards can be completed. The process involves two parts, including one portion of the application that is handled by the Canada Border Services Agency and a second part that must be dealt with by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency. Although there is no hold up with the CBSA process, applicants have no idea when they will be able to complete the process.

Individuals who submitted applications before the U.S. government shutdown are now learning that they will have to book new appointments and return to the enrollment centre. The second part of the process that involves the United States will only be completed at an undetermined date. A CBSA spokesperson recently announced that the agency would advise applicants when and how to take the next steps to get their NEXUS applications approved.

Dealing with U.S. immigration issues is usually a daunting task for those who are inexperienced. For that reason, many British Columbia residents with the intention to travel across the border into the United States choose to utilize the services of an experienced immigration lawyer. Legal counsel can explain the process and provide support and guidance with every step of the way.