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US immigration: Reasons for ineligibility for NEXUS participation

NEXUS is a bi-national program that allows low-risk Canadian travellers who are preapproved to enter the U.S. at designated points of entry — land, air and marine ports. Lawful permanent residents of British Columbia or other Canadian provinces or territories are eligible to file applications for NEXUS membership. Juveniles who are not yet 18 years old need parental consent — or the consent of a legal guardian — to participate in this Canada-U.S. immigration program.

Not all applications for participation are approved, and reasons that could make an applicant ineligible include those whose information on the forms is incomplete or false. Any individuals who have records of violating agriculture, immigration or customs laws of any country will not be approved. Applicants with criminal convictions, outstanding warrants or pending criminal charges will not be eligible.

The same applies for those who are the subjects of investigations by state, federal or other law enforcement agencies of any country. Applicants for participation in the NEXUS program must meet the requirements and be approved by both Canada and the United States. If either country denies the application, participation will not be possible.

An experienced British Columbia lawyer can assist anyone who is interested in applying for participation in the NEXUS program. The lawyer can explain the requirements, and answer questions about it. Furthermore, legal counsel can determine whether the applicant satisfies the admission requirements under U.S. immigration laws, and he or she can ensure everything is in place to convince the Canada Border Services Agency of the applicant’s low-risk status.